Café deilig

A fairytale cafe in the beautiful HC Andersen Garden



Fresh Ingredients, Flavourful Dishes

The place where food meets adventure and imagination. Great service and high-quality local ingredients.

115 kr

“Tales of the Sea”

Warm fillet of plaice with marinated prawns, tomatoes & spicy langoustine mayonnaise

115 kr

“The Emperor’s New Clothes”

Beef Tartare, pickled pepper, celery, carrot, popped wild Rice & Romesco mayo

90 kr

”The old Bachelor’s Night-cap”

Pepper-marinated Herring with pepper mayo, grilled and pickled onions, mustard seeds, horseradish & popped wild rice

95 kr

“The Woman with the Eggs”

Organic Eggs, Avocado & Prawns, mayonnaise, glass-cabage, capers & steamed onions

95 kr

“The Potatoes”

New potatoes, “Fynbo” Ham, pickled red onions, chive mayonnaise, chips & water cress

145 kr

“Story of the Year”

Puff pastry shells filled with a creamy sauce with chicken, mushrooms & seasonal vegetables


Malte Dalby Christensen

My passion is food and great service

Owner Malte Dalby Christensen, 26, graduated as a chef from Pasfall in 2020. He has subsequently worked in places as diverse as the award-winning Restaurant HOS and in the Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s canteen, and he has also been an event chef for Smag & Smil.

Malte Dalby Christensen has experience in fine dining as well as large parties of up to 650 people.

His passion for food and good service has provided him with good competences and a strong foundation for becoming self-employed.

Opening hours

3. jan – 31. mar 2023
Tue- Sun 10:00 – 16:00

1. apr – 30. june 2023
Mon-Sun 10:00 – 17:00

1. july – 31. aug 2023
Mon-Sun: 09 – 18

1. sep – 31. oct 2023
Mon-Sun 10 – 17
Fri-Sat 18-21.30

1. nov – 30. dec 2023
Tue – sun: 10 – 16
Fri-Sat 18-21.30

Get in touch

If you have any questions, please call us on +45 60174189 or write to us at

Practical Info

Car park
There are several car parks close by. The closest is the underground car park Q-Park

dense City, from where there is direct access to the house. Please note that a fee is required for parking.

The underground car park is operated by Q-Park, which is responsible for operating the payment machines and registering cars. The underground car park is open 24 hours a day. Read more about prices and accessibility here


Cafe deilig is a cosy café in the middle of HC Andersen’s Garden. A place where food is combined with adventure and imagination. Good service and high quality local ingredients.


HC Andersen Haven 3
5000 Odense C
TLF.: +45 60174189

Opning Times

1. july – 31. aug 2023
Mon-Sun: 09 – 18

1. Sept. – 31. Oct. 2023
Mon-Sun 10-17
Fri-Sat 18-21.30

1. Nov. – 31. Dec. 2023
Tue-Sun 10-16
Fri-Sat 18-21.30